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Ceramic Artist

Ri creates a variety of hand-built ceramic art from installation work to individual pieces, figurative to biomorphic and abstract sculptures to organic vessels.  Her work explores the concepts of the unknown, the uncontrollable, the individual, the organic. Each piece is handcrafted from clay and then finished in a glaze or firing that is also consistent with uniqueness. 


Ri is attracted to glazes and firings that are organic and often random in their finish. For example, ‘Raku firing is hot and exciting as you open the kiln at 1000-degrees, withdraw the glowing work, placing it in combustible materials and wait to see the result. The effects are inherently unpredictable and this is also a reflection of life; there are some elements we can control and others that we cannot. Giving over control to the firing process provides the final adrenal rush and excitement as you open the kiln to see the final collaboration between artist, materials and fire’ 


Ri has participated in over 60 exhibitions and had two large solo exhibition in 2009 and 2019. She has won several art prizes and been the recipient of several philanthropic and government grants and is featured at Little Gallery- Trentham, Montsalvat Art Gallery shop and Murray Art Museum Albury shop. 

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